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Soft Rock Forum

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lecture "The Forum has been established on an informal basis since March 2005 The Softrock Forum is a monthly medium for the discussion of work in progress at Memorial relating to soft-rock geoscience in its broadest sense.

The Forum has now been adopted by the Department of Earth Sciences as a departmental seminar series.

The aim of the Forum is primarily to increase inter-disciplinary interaction between MUN faculty and students but is also open to local industry and government to come and see "research in progress" from what is a growing body of softrock-related workers at MUN.

We particularly encourage speakers (both faculty and student) to come with new or problematic datasets or new ideas and concepts. The environment is one of collegial helpfulness.

Ichnology @ MUN

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Ichnology @ MUN


The ichnology research group is an international group of geoscientists with a wide breadth of experience.  The group is led by Dr. Duncan McIlroy who is Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Geoscience in the Department of Earth Sciences at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Researchers within the group include a mixture of undergraduate (honours) students, M.Sc. student, Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows.  The group actively tackles a number of challenging ichnological and sedimentological issues, and is funded by a combination of funding from research councils (NSERC), as well as industry and consortium funding (PRAC, PEEP, RDC, IRIF, Slopes 2, Statoil and Husky Energy.


Our aim in creating this website is to promote the use of ichnology, trace fossils, and ichnofabrics to fellow professionals, and geologists in other disciplines.  Over time we will develop a hub for information and resources relating to trace fossils and their application to both pure academic and applied industry problems.


We are always ready to be challenged by an ichnologically-based research issue, applied or otherwise.  Try us.