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Dr. Duncan McIlroy

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Dr. Duncan McIlroy

Position: Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Geoscience


Professional affiliations: International Association of Sedimentologists; Palaeontological Association; the Ichnological Association; The Geological Society of London
Email: dmcilroy(at)mun(dot)ca



 Research Interests

  • Ichnofabrics and Reservoir Characterization
  • Ichnology of Shale-Hydrocarbon reservoirs
  • Organism-Sediment-Mineral interactions
  • Sedimentology & Sequence Stratigraphy of shallow to non-marine deposits
  • Palaeobiology of the Neoproterozoic-lower Cambrian

Current Graduate Students:

Allison Moore (M.Sc. Candidate)
Jillian Evans (M.Sc. Candidate)
Samantha Green (M.Sc. Candidate)
Tiffany Miller (M.Sc. Candidate)
Robyn Reynolds (M.Sc. Candidate)
Katie Power (M.Sc. Candidate)
Timothy Culwick (Ph.D. Candidate)
Elizabeth Schatz (Ph.D. Candidate)
Christopher Boyd (Ph.D. Candidate)
Malgorzata Bednarz (Ph.D. Candidate)
Jack Matthews (Ph.D. Candidate)
Latha Menon (Ph.D. Candidate)
Former Graduate Students
Dario Harazim(Chevron Ltd.)
Mary Leaman (Shell Canada)
Nikki Tonkin (Woodside Petroleum Ltd.)
Alex Liu (Research Fellow Cambridge University)
Steve Stukins (British Museum of Natural History)
Chris Phillips (Western Australia Geological Survey)
Mike Garton (Research Associate, University of Liverpool, UK)
Barry Mapstone retired
Former Postdoctoral Researchers:
Dr. Liam Herringshaw (PRAC/NSERC funded)
Dr. Owen Sherwood (PRAC/NSERC funded)
Dr. Rich Callow (originally Slopes 2 then PEEP funded)
Current Research Technician
Recent Research Technicians
Brad Evans
Former Undergraduate (honours) Research Students
Adrienne Noftall
Michelle Thoms
Stephen Porter
Steven Porter
Megan Mcdonald
Peter Miskell
Christopher Boyd
Robynn Dicks
Katey Roberts
Craig Hunt
Jennifer Turner
Kristian Chaytor
Marina Joury
Peter Miskell
Elise Morin
Steve Schwartz
Katey Roberts