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Małgorzata Bednarz

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Dr. Małgorzata Bednarz
M.Sc., Jagiellonian University, Poland
E-mail: m.bednarz @

Ph.D. thesis title: 3D ichnofabrics in shale gas reservoirs.
Supervisor: Dr. Duncan McIlroy



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Małgorzata was a geology Ph.D student at Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Her Ph.D. research is focused on 3-dimensional ichnofabric analysis as a tool for assessing the role of bioturbation on the porosity, permeability and fracture-susceptibility in shale gas reservoirs.



BEDNARZ, M. & MCILROY, D., 2012, Effect of phycosiphoniform burrows on shale hydrocarbon reservoir quality: AAPG Bulletin, October 2012, v. 96, no. 10, p. 1957-1980, doi:10.1306/02221211126.


BEDNARZ, M., Herringshaw, L. G.,Boyd, C., Leaman, M., Kahlmeyer, E., & McIlroy, D. in review, Precision serial grinding and volumetric 3D reconstruction of large ichnological specimens. In “Ichnology” McIlroy, D. (ed.) Geological Association of Canada Special Publication.


BEDNARZ, M. & MCILROY, D. 2011. 3D reconstruction of ichnofabrics in fine-grained sediments: assessment of the morphological diversity of phycosiphoniform burrows. Ichnology Newsletter, 28: 4-9.


BEDNARZ, M. & MCILROY, D. 2009. 3D reconstruction of “phycosiphoniform” burrows implications for identification of trace fossils in core. Paleontologica Electronica, 2009 v.1.Â



2012 Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies Award. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
2010 Charles F. Brandendurg Award for study of unconventional hydrocarbon resources awarded by CSUG.
2009 Exxon Mobil Bighorn Basin Field Award (Geol. Soc. America).
2009 AAPG Grant in Aid of Research Raymond Moore Award.