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Dario Harazim

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Dario Harazim

Dario Harazim
Dipl.-Geol., Goethe University Frankfurt/M, Germany

Supervisors: Dr. Duncan McIlroy

Ph.D. Thesis Title: The role of physical and biogenic sea-bed reworking as a prime modifier of late diagenetic processes in shallow-marine mudstones. I am interested to develop an understanding on how non-steady diagenesis controls organic matter quality in ancient type examples of mud-dominated, high-energy systems such as muddy coastlines, deltas, and fine-grained turbidites in the UK (Yorkshire Coast), Canada (eastern Newfoundland) and Mexico (Baja California).

I am particularly interested to understand how animals manipulate naturally occurring diagenetic reactions and how these reaction products (i.e., pre- and post-compaction cements, clay minerals and organic materials) affect reservoir quality in conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon reservoir facies.


Harazim, D., Callow, R.H.T., McIlroy, D. 2012. Microbial Mats Implicated in the Generation of Intrastratal Shrinkage (“Synaeresis”) Cracks. Sedimentology (in review).

Harazim, D., van de Schootbrugge, B., Sorichter, K.., Fiebig J., Oschmann, W. 2012. Spatial variability in watermass conditions in the European Epicontinental Seaway during the Early Jurassic (Pliensbachian and Toarcian). Sedimentology (in press).

Van de Schootbrugge, B., Harazim, D., Sorichter, K., Oschmann, W., Fiebig, J., Püttmann, W. 2010. The enigmatic ichnofossil Tisoa siphonalis and Widespread Authigenic Seep Carbonate Formation During the Late Pliensbachian in Southern France. Biogeosciences 7, 3123-3138.

Conferences attended:

Harazim, D., McIlroy, D., Edwards, N., Wogelius, R., Bergmann, U. 2012. The Biogeochemical Effect of Bioturbation: A Perspective From the Rock Record. Ichnia 2012, Aug. 9-24, St. John’s, NL, Canada (oral).

Harazim, D. and McIlroy, D. 2012. Animal-Sediment Interactions on the Early Ordovician Muddy Sea Floor: The Importance of Non-steady Sediment Accumulation. Geological Association of Canada Annual Meeting 2012, May 27-29, St. John’s, NL, Canada (oral).

Harazim, D., McIlroy, D., Schneider, C. 2011.Spatial Organization of Sedimentary Organic Matter: The Importance of Scale to Understanding Non-steady Remineralization Pathways of Organic Carbon in Early Ordovician Mudstones (Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada). American Association of Petroleum Geologists ACE, Apr. 9-13, 2011, Long Beach, CA, USA (poster).

Harazim, D., McIlroy, D., Macquaker J., Bentley, S. J., 2011. Unbioturbated Marine Mudstones: Environmental Stress or Rapid Deposition? A Worked Example from the Ordovician Beach Formation, Newfoundland, Canada. American Association of Petroleum Geologists ACE, Apr. 9-13, 2011, Houston, TX, USA (poster).

Harazim, D., McIlroy, D., Macquaker, J. 2009. Paleoenvironments and fabrics of fine-grained sediments: The Lower Ordovician Beach Formation, Bell Island, NL, Canada. Geological Association of Canada (Newfoundland Section). Technical spring meeting, St. John’s, Feb. 22-23, 2009 (poster).

Educational awards:

Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM) Foundation Grant, 2012

Geological Society of America Student Assistance Grant, 2012

IAS Award in Sedimentary Geology, 2011

Classen Family Award, AAPG Grant-in-aid, 2010

Bighorn Basin Field Award (GSA/Exxon Mobil), Montana/Wyoming, 2009

Best Student Poster Award – GAC-NL Technical Spring Meeting, St. John’s, NL, 2009