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Christopher Boyd

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Chris Boyd
B.Sc.(Hons), Memorial University of Newfoundland
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Supervisor: Dr. Duncan McIlroy


Chris graduated with his B.Sc. (Hons) from Memorial University of Newfoundland in April 2011. He did his honours research in three-dimensional morphological modeling of Ophiomorpha irregulaire burrows under the supervision of Dr. Duncan McIlroy. He started his graduate program in September of 2011. Chris has undergone two field sessions at various outcrops throughout north England.

His specific research area is from Cullernose Point, Northumberland, UK (55.458397N, 1.592664W) in the Stainmore Formation (Carboniferous, Namurian). After logging the outcrop he collected a large number of samples from both float and in situ. These samples have a rich biodiversity and excellent preservation of numerous ichnotaxa. This location was selected due to the presence of an excellent expression of a radiating trace comparable to Dactyloidites isp. The samples will be examined using various methods including thin sections, xrd, as well as using the serial grinding methods outlined by Bednarz et al. in review (of which he is a contributing author). His thesis work will revolve around the three dimensional morphologic modelling and characterizations of the Cullernose Point shoreface assemblage. Chris will be taking a leave of absence during the summer of 2014 to complete an internship at Shell Canada ltd.

Chris has been working independently as a photographer since 2006, specializing in international humanitarian photography. These skills have been an asset to the groups research which relies heavily on photographing samples in between serially grinding the material.

You can see his work at


Bednarz, M., Herringshaw, L. G.,Boyd, C., Leaman, M., Kahlmeyer, E., & McIlroy, D. in review, Precision serial grinding and volumetric 3D reconstruction of large ichnological specimens. In “Ichnology” McIlroy, D. (ed.) Geological Association of Canada Special Publication.

Boyd, C., McIlroy, D., Herringshaw, L. G., Leaman, M. 2012, The recognition of Ophiomorpha irregulaire on the basis of pellet morphology: restudy of material from the type locality. Ichnos


2013 Buchans Scholarship Fund of ASARCO
2012 Buchans Scholarship Fund of ASARCO
2012 Best Student Oral Presentation -ICHNIA