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Elisabeth Kahlmeyer

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Elisabeth Kahlmeyer (former)
B.Sc., Memorial University of Newfoundland

Supervisor: Samuel Bentley

M.Sc. Thesis Title:
Dispersal of fluvial sediment in two sub-arctic fjords on the Labrador Coast: Nachvak Fjord and Saglek Fjord, Canada

Supervisor: Samuel Bentley

My M.Sc. Thesis focuses on the dispersal of fluvial sediment in two fjords in Labrador, Nachvak Fjord and Saglek Fjord.

Ten Box cores have been taken in each fjord andeach core was sub-sampled for X-radiography, grain size, and radiochemical analysis, and was analyzed for sedimentary structures and sediment accumulation rates. Sediment thickness and extent in the fjord basins were studied from sub-bottom profiles and bathymetry data. Results show that in both fjords sediment is accumulating in depocenters in the center of each basin.