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Publication list

Publication list

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Below is a more-or-less up to date publication list for the group.

If you would like to request a .pdf copy of the work for your own research or teaching then please use the mail-to link at the end of the reference and the appropriate author will send you a copy as soon as possible.




      • Stukins, S., Jolley, D.W., McIlroy, D., Hartley, A.J. Middle Jurassic vegetation dynamics from allochthonous palynological assemblages: An example from a marginal marine depositional setting; Lajas Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina (accepted)
      • Harazim, D., Callow, R., Mcilroy, D. Microbial mats implicated in the generation of intrastratal shrinkage (‘synaeresis’) cracks.
      • Needham, S.J., Worden, R. H., McIlroy, D., Needham 2004 Biogeosciences worm-sediment interaction (dataset).
      • Herringshaw, L.G., Mcilroy, D. Bioinfiltration: Irrigation-Driven Transport of Clay Particles Through Bioturbated Sediments (accepted).
      • Brasier, M.D., Liu, A., Menon, L., Matthews, J.J., Mcilroy, D., Wacey D. Explaining the exceptional preservation of Ediacaran rangeomorphs from Spaniard's Bay, Newfoundland: A hydraulic model (accepted).
      • McILroy, D., Evidence for Cnidarian-like behaviour in ca 560Ma Ediacaran Aspidella (accepted).
      • Brasier, M.D., McIlroy, D., Liu A., Antcliffe, J.B., Menon, L.R. The oldest evidence of bioturbation on Earth. (accepted).
      • Callow, R., Brasier, M.D., McIlroy, D., Discussion: ''Were the Ediacaran siliciclastics of South Australia coastal or deep marine?'' (accepted).
      • Callow, R., McIlroy, D., Kneller, B., Dykstra, M. Ichnology of Late Cretaceous Turbidites from the Rosario Formation, Baja California, Mexico. (accepted).