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Think you know how to interpret ripple cross lamination?

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So you think you know how to interpret ripple cross lamination do you?

Well take a look at this:

McIlroy, D. 2010. Biogenic cross lamination produced by the shrimp Alpheus bellulus in microcosm experiments. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 80, 151-154.


During laboratory experiments with a common type of shrimp Alpheus sp. it was demonstrated that asymmetric ripple cross lamination and climbing ripple cross lamination were produced by the shrimp whilethey were producing the circular craters in which they live.

Interestingly, such structures are excavated below the mean sediment water interface, and as such have considerable preservation potential.

The question you should ask yourself is:

Would I recognise this in core?

The question we would love to have answered is.. Has anyone see this in ancient successions?