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Softrock Forum

The Softrock Forum is a departmental seminar series for the discussion of work in progress at Memorial relating to soft-rock geoscience in its broadest sense.

The Forum takes place once a month from 16:00-17:00 in the last week of the month. Talks will be advertised through this website. 
We welcome everybody to our forum - come share your thoughts ideas and help the science grow.

If you are interested in giving a talk on Softrock Forum, please contact Duncan  McIlroy  
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Mud dispersal on continental shelves: predicting lithofacies distributions on continental shelves

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SoftRock Forum: Joe Macquaker, Friday, Feb5th 2010, MUN ER-4065.


Successful shale gas exploration requires a subtle appreciation of the sedimentological and petrophysical properties of mudstones that are the reservoir targets. For decades, these rocks have largely been neglected because they are fine-grained and, at first sight commonly appear laminated. Recent research, however, has demonstrated that mudstones, that are also economic shale gas reservoir plays, are typically enriched in organic carbon and susceptible to hydrofracturing.

As a result geologists seeking to determine a particular units shale gas potential have typically investigated:

a)Their composition (ideally they should contain higher than average silica and carbonate concentrations) - to determine how likely they are to successfully fracture during completion.