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Congratultions Dr. Garton

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I am very pleased to congratulate Dr. Michael Garton on completion of his Ph.D.

Michael was my first Ph.D. student. I have enjoyed my interactions with Michael ovet the last (ahem) eleven years or so, mostly over the pipe rock in Scotland. Michael is very much a friend of the group, and has joined us in fieldwork in the UK, and Spain.
I am looking forward to a long ongoing association with Michael without the spectre of "the thesis" hanging over our shoulders.

The collaboration with Michael has been very successful, with four papers already published or in press and several more in the pipes (if you will excuse the pun)


GARTON, M. & MCILROY, D. Description and classification of the vertical trace fossil Skolithos. Palaeontology (in press).

McIlroy, D. & Garton, M. 2010. Realistic interpretation of ichnofabrics and paleoecology of the pipe-rock biotope. Lethaia, 43, 420-426.

GARTON, M. & MCILROY, D. 2006. A new method for the study of ichnofabric in cryptic highly lithified facies. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 76, 1-5.

McIlroy, D. & Garton, M. 2004. A worm’s eye view of the Early Palaeozoic sea floor. Geology Today, 20, 224-230.

Congratulations Michael!

If anyone is wondering what that face is that I am pulling, it is apparently my thinking face (it is the same in all the pictures from Asturias) and nothing particularly to do with what Michael was showing me!