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Congratulations Nikki

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Congratulations to Nikki Tonkin. Nikki successfully defended her thesis on Monday 3rd October.

Prof. Murray Gingras was the external examiner who sadly was only with us via video-conference. Nikki gave a great account of herself and her work. She submitted pretty much on time 6 yrs and two maternity leaves after arriving in Newfoundland on the night of an early winter storm of 2006, dressed more for New Zealand than New foundland. She showed great spirit in wading through the slush in her sneakers and ankle socks and still not actually turning around and going home.

webdefenceShe is leaving us in the new year for a position on the oil industry with her Ph.D., a husband and two lovely boys, not bad going for 6 yrs work. As always we will try to keep her on the straight and narrow and engaged in the development of ichnology. I am sure she will have lots of opportunities in her new work to use her skills.


Good luck to the Normore-Tonkins' for the next phase in their family adventure.


Also, much thanks to her committee members Dr. Joe Macquaker and Dr. Rich Callow for pitching in and helping in the final stages. The generous editorial help of Dr. Liam Herringshaw was proferred with customary selflessness and rigor. Thanks guys.




from top left: Toby Rivers (HoD rep); Suzanne Dufour (Internal examiner from Biology); Ali Aksu (internal examiner Earth Sciences); Murray Gingras (on the screen from U of A); Rich Callow (Supervisory Committee Member).

Front row from left: Dr. Andy Foster (Dean's Representative); Nikki Tonkin; Duncan McIlroy (supervisor).