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2702 a grand day out

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Last week the ichnology group took the second years (EASC 2702) to show them some real rocks. I always believe in starting as you mean to go on. They got an introduction to the hydrodynamics of shoreface systems and then snuck in a short visit to Grebes Nest Point to look at the wonderful trace fossils from the Powers Steps Formation and the Grebes Nest Formation as well as the beautiful oolitic ironstones of the Scotia Formation.

I am not convinced that the students knew how spectacular the rocks they saw are- Newfoundland spoils us like that- they all left happy in any case, some of them with a fledgling ichnological collection in their pockets. A photogallery is to follow, and hopefully some ichnologists by the time they leave the undergrad program.

Summing up.  Photocredit Chris Boyd

These localities are to be used for:

AUGC 2011 (Atlantic Universities Geoscience Conference- and undergrad-run conference);

GAC-MAC 2012

Ichnia 2012.

It is going to see a lot of visitors in the coming 12 months!