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Congratulations Nikki

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Congratulations to Nikki Tonkin. Nikki successfully defended her thesis on Monday 3rd October.

Prof. Murray Gingras was the external examiner who sadly was only with us via video-conference. Nikki gave a great account of herself and her work. She submitted pretty much on time 6 yrs and two maternity leaves after arriving in Newfoundland on the night of an early winter storm of 2006, dressed more for New Zealand than New foundland. She showed great spirit in wading through the slush in her sneakers and ankle socks and still not actually turning around and going home.

PEEPING into Cambrian pores

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Rich Callow who is a postdoctoral fellow with our research group made a splash at the sixth annual Symposium on Oil and Gas Resources.  Rich is only in his first month on this short project, but he has already he caught some media attention with his talk.
Gary Kean of the Western Star interviewed Rich and did an excellent job of commmunicating the research in his article.

Rich is funded through the Petroleum Exploration Enhancement Program to study the Cambrian quartzites of western Newfoundland and southern Labrador. The quartzites in the subsurface have been estimated to have porosities up to 12%.  Richard is specifically looking to test whether those pore spaces might be ichnologically generated as it would appear in the field.

Well done Rich :-)

Dr. Alex Liu

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As part of the little spate of Ph.D. completions, I am very pleased to congratulate Dr. Alex Liu on the successful defence of his thesis. His thesis was examined by Dr. Soren Jensen, it apparently all went very smoothly and all parties seem to have enjoyed the experience, which is always a good sign.

Alex has a position at Cambridge University as a fellow of Girton College to go to.  I hope he will continue to come and visit us and continue to make progress on the Ediacaran biotas of Avalonia.  Very well done Alex.

Congratultions Dr. Garton

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I am very pleased to congratulate Dr. Michael Garton on completion of his Ph.D.

Michael was my first Ph.D. student. I have enjoyed my interactions with Michael ovet the last (ahem) eleven years or so, mostly over the pipe rock in Scotland. Michael is very much a friend of the group, and has joined us in fieldwork in the UK, and Spain.
I am looking forward to a long ongoing association with Michael without the spectre of "the thesis" hanging over our shoulders.

The collaboration with Michael has been very successful, with four papers already published or in press and several more in the pipes (if you will excuse the pun)

IAS suppport for Dario

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Congratulations to Dario Harazim for his recent success in getting financial support from the International Association of Sedimentologists. 

Dario is using the funds to support his research into the comparative biogeochemistry of bioturbated and unbioturbated mustones.  And probably some synaeresis cracks as well if I know Dario

Ichnofabric workshop

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The ichnology group recently had a good showing at the XI International Ichnofabric Workshop in Asturias run by: 

Francisco Rodríguez-Tovar (University of Granada) and J.Carlos. García-Ramos (Scientific Director MUJA and University of Oviedo) with the help of the amazingly organised and hard working  Laura Piñuela and José Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca (MUJA and University of Oviedo).


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From left to right: 
Mary Leaman (MSc candidate); Nikki Tonkin (Ph.D. candidate); Dr. Liam Herringshaw (former postdoc and ongoing collaborator); Dr. Richard Callow (Postdoc); Dr. Michael Garton (just completed his Ph.D.); Małgorzata Bednarz aka Czarrna (Ph.D. Candidate); Dr. Helen Goodchild (hanger on and friend of ichnology); Dr. Duncan McIlroy.


Chevron Ichnology Outing

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The ichnology group recently had the pleasure of showing off some of the rocks on Bell Island to employees of the St. John's office of Chevron.

The weather finally worked in our favour and a diverse group of petroleum geologists, including management, geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir engineers enjoyed a good day out, getting some very fresh air, fish and chips and an introduction to ichnology and sedimentology. Oh and Dario got to share his synaeresis crack model too


Thanks to Janice Rose (second from the right at the back sandwiched between Nikki and Lisi) for making this happen.