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Opening night for Bell Island Rosselia

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On Saturday we have the premiere of the first reconstructions of our Rosselia-like material from Bell Island.  Michelle Thoms is going to be presenting her preliminary 3D reconstructions of the Bell Island Rosselia from the Grebes Nest Point Formation at the AUGC conference here in Memorial University. 

Congratulations Nikki

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Congratulations to Nikki Tonkin. Nikki successfully defended her thesis on Monday 3rd October.

Prof. Murray Gingras was the external examiner who sadly was only with us via video-conference. Nikki gave a great account of herself and her work. She submitted pretty much on time 6 yrs and two maternity leaves after arriving in Newfoundland on the night of an early winter storm of 2006, dressed more for New Zealand than New foundland. She showed great spirit in wading through the slush in her sneakers and ankle socks and still not actually turning around and going home.

PEEPING into Cambrian pores

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Rich Callow who is a postdoctoral fellow with our research group made a splash at the sixth annual Symposium on Oil and Gas Resources.  Rich is only in his first month on this short project, but he has already he caught some media attention with his talk.
Gary Kean of the Western Star interviewed Rich and did an excellent job of commmunicating the research in his article.

Rich is funded through the Petroleum Exploration Enhancement Program to study the Cambrian quartzites of western Newfoundland and southern Labrador. The quartzites in the subsurface have been estimated to have porosities up to 12%.  Richard is specifically looking to test whether those pore spaces might be ichnologically generated as it would appear in the field.

Well done Rich :-)